The Radiant Health Club
is a Unique Health Care Experience.

Radiant Health Club - Often Asked QuestionsThe Radiant Health Club helps you achieve a permanent, practical solution for your health objectives or challenges instead of simply addressing the symptoms of declining or failing health.

At the Radiant Health Club, You and Dr. Frank Lucas work together to release your body’s power to protect or restore true health using holistic methods, natural remedies and practical tactics.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Radiant Health Club

What is a Holistic Doctor?

Holistic Doctor is a general term used to describe a person who employs a particular method of Whole Person treatments.

Unlike the academic title “Medical Doctor” that is earned from a School of Traditional Medicine , there is no clear-cut standard for credentialing for a Holistic Doctor. And, there isn’t a “standard of care” for diagnosis and treatments for health issues using tests, pharmaceutical medications and/or surgeries.


I Think Alternative Health Solutions are all Quackery

The pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, and even government, will not relent from their assault on Alternative Health Solutions –  because the use of common sense and a healthy lifestyle to protect or improve your health threatens their bottom line profits and revenues

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What are the Principles of Holistic Doctors?

4 Principles of Holistic Doctors

. . . guides Professionals, Like Dr. Lucas, when he is helping you protect or improve your health using Natural and Holistic Medicine.

Holistic Doctors 4 Principles

What are the reasons I should choose you?

Healer on a Mission

The Radiant Health Club is unique health care experience.

We use Holistic Methods to uncover the root causes of your situation and help you develop patterns to support natural health and healing.

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Do you have any endorsements?

Here’s a few Lifestyle Medicine Endorsements.

My experience with holistic methods and natural remedies has helped people protect or improve their health – naturally – for 20+ years.

There have been 1,000’s of people who are more healthy, now, than when they 1st met me.  Today’s Lifestyle Medicine techniques, holistic methods and natural remedies are even better.



How are you able to find out what causes my chronic health issue?

The answer to the question:  “How do I find and correct what causes chronic health issues?” is simple:

  1. Most health care providers are specialized in one area of health.
  2. Their diagnosis and treatment emanates from their area of specialty.  Then, if the patient goes online to do their research or secures a 2nd opinion – it’s based on that diagnosis.

That is the exact point where a Natural Health Consultant is most valuable.


How Can I Learn About Holistic Medicine?

Learn About Holistic Medicine

. . . from a Holistic Health Handbook written by a Certified Natural Health Consultant!

When you learn about Holistic Medicine, you’ll see how practical it is!  Holistic Medicine just seems radical – but it is a common-sense approach to health care – a partnership between you and your Holistic Health Professional.  Dr. Lucas’ essays offers you an opportunity to learn about holistic medicine from a professional with more than 20 years of experience with Holistic Methods, Natural Remedies and practical strategies to help you with issues of declining health and chronic conditions,

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What is the Holistic Method?

The Holistic Method

. . . is health care, at its best!

The Holistic Method, guided by the 4 Principles of Holistic Medicine, is a tool a Natural Health Consultant, like Dr. Frank Lucas, uses to help you protect or improve your health naturally

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How Can Natural Health Consulting Help Me?

Natural Health Consulting

. . . is a more comprehensive, thoughtful, more personalized approach

The short answer is probably.  Natural health consulting is a client-centered process designed to uncover the cause rather than covering up symptoms.  Dr. Lucas treats each person as an individual.  He takes the time to understand the dynamics of their situation and root out the causes.

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Why Doesn’t my Doctor Know This?

Medical Doctors are trained to treat symptoms of infection and injury.

For chronic conditions, Doctors try to manage the symptoms of declining or failing health using prescriptions and other interventions.  A Natural Health Consultant is trained to look for the cause.

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How is the Radiant Health Club Different From My Doctor’s Office?

The Radiant Health Club

Treats you as an individual and spends the time it takes to:

•  Uncover the Cause of your health issues
•  Recommend Practical Solutions and Natural Remedies to reverse the situation
•  Help You Implement Your Natural Health Plan to achieve a permanent solution

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What is a Natural Health Consultant?

A Natural Health Consultant is

A Trained Professional who helps you:

•  Uncover the habits that are producing physical decline, sickness and disease
•  Discover habits that will produce natural health and healing
•  Using holistic methods, natural remedies and practical tactics.

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What is Natural Medicine?

Natural Medicine can be simply defined as

a system of medicine that complements and enhances the body’s natural capacity to heal by restoring balance without the use of synthetic drugs or chemicals. Natural medicine generally falls under the umbrella term of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).

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