Radiant Health Club & Dr. Frank Lucas

The Radiant Health Club at NUPRO with Dr. Frank Lucas, PhD, cNHC is a unique health care experience for people seeking the means to protect, improve or restore their health – naturally.

7 Reasons for Choosing Holistic Medicine at the Radiant Health Club are:

1 Holistic Medicine is all about you
. . . not an assembly-line.

2 Dr. Lucas looks for the cause
. . . not symptom management.

3 Uses natural remedies, holistic methods
and practical tactics and strategies.

4Uses your body to heal itself.

5True craft of Health Care.

6Healer on a mission.

7Your 1st visit with Dr. Lucas
… at Radiant Health Club is FREE

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4 Reasons for Choosing Dr. Frank Lucas are:

Dr. Frank Lucas, PhD, NHC, Holistic Health Practitioner in Castle Rock, CO, Radiant Health Club

1 Specific Training in
Holistic, Alternative and Complementary Medicine

2   20+ Years of Experience
with Holistic Health and  Healing and Natural Remedies

3  Healer on a mission
focused on You and Your Needs

4Dr. Frank Lucas effort is single-minded:
. . . helping you protect or improve your health using holistic methods, natural remedies and practical tactics and strategies.

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Declining or Failing Health is Predictable – NOT INEVITABLE!

Holistic Doctor, Natural Health Consultant, Appointment with Dr, Frank Lucas

I am a Holistic Doctor,
Natural Health Consultant

I Help People

  1. Uncover the root causes
    . . . of physical decline, sickness and disease.

  2. Discover new habits and means
    . . . that will produce health and healing.

  3. Using holistic methods, natural remedies and practical, lifestyle strategies

One Conversation Can Change Your Life

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