Holistic Method
Natural Medicine – at its Best!

holistic healing methodsOur Beliefs:

Health is Not Just the Absence of Disease
… It is Being Well in All Areas of Health

Our Objective:

Establish the Balance That Creates True Health

Our Holistic Method:
The Triangle of Health

The Triangle of Health is a Holistic Method – Natural Medicine Approach

holistic healing methods

The things we eat, drink, take and breathe, and how they are absorbed and eliminated determine bodily function and health.

Each corner of the triangle of holistic health …
Must be in balance – and working optimally – to protect or improve your health.

  • Imbalances in the triangle produce declining health and disease
  • Balance creates health and healing

A Natural Health Consultant analyzes these 3 factors that can – either individually or together – create human health or produce declining health and disease.

  1. Your Natural Health Consultant uses interview and lifestyle mapping to discover the barriers that are blocking your body’s ability to stay or become healthy.
  2. Next, your consultant helps you build a plan to release your body’s power to restore true health using Complementary and Natural Medicine techniques, natural remedies and other practical recommendations that help you achieve a permanent solution for your health and healing challenges.
  3. Then your Natural Health Consultant helps you implement your Holistic Health Plan
    . . .  if you’re satisfied with your personal action plan,

Natural Health Consulting and Coaching can be helpful if your objectives are:

  • Proactively, Protect Your Health with Holistic Natural Medicine and Natural Remedies
    . . . to help you address the factors that are causing your concerns,  infirmity or disease.
  • Identify and Address the Causes of Your Declining Health or Chronic Disease
    . . . 
    using Natural, Complimentary or Alternative Medicine, Natural Remedies and Practical Strategies & Tactics – to Improve Your Health.

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