A Unique Natural Health Care Experience

Natural Health Care at the Radiant Health Club is:

Natural Health Care at the Radiant Health Club in Castle Rock with Dr. Frank Lucas

1All About You
… taking time to understand you and your needs

2All About Your Situation … making the effort to uncover the root causes

3All About Restoring & Protecting Your Health … using holistic methods, natural remedies & practical solutions

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7 Reasons for Choosing Natural Health Care
at the Radiant Health Club are:

1.  Taking time to understand your needs
. . . it’s not a short-timed assembly-line.

2.  Finding the root cause
. . . not a medication to manage your symptoms.

3.  Using holistic methods, natural remedies & practical tactics to protect your health or improve and/or resolve your health issues.

4.  Using your body’s ability to heal itself.

5.  True craft of Health Care.

6.  Healer on a Mission.

7.  Your 1st consultation is FREE
. . . with Dr. Lucas at the Radiant Health Club.

4 Reasons for Choosing Dr. Frank Lucas are:

1Healer on a Mission
. . . helping you stay or become healthy

2Specific Training
. . . in Holistic, Alternative and Complementary Medicine

3Extensive, Significant Experience
. . . with Holistic Health, Natural Medicine and Healing

4Focused on You and Your Needs
. . . Dr. Frank’s efforts are single-minded:  helping you protect and improve your health using holistic methods, natural remedies and practical tactics and strategies to achieve your health and healing objective.

Dr. Frank Lucas is a PhD, certified Natural Health Consultant & Holistic Health Practitioner

I love what I do – I do what I love

Prescriptions and medical treatments are not always the 1st – or best option
. . . for protecting or improving your health.

Many people have discovered …
a less risky, more effective way to improve their health – or rebuild failing health – with Holistic Medicine and Natural Health Care.

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