Natural Medicine or Traditional Medicine?

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Many people insist that your choice for healthcare is an either/or proposition between Traditional Medicine and Natural Medicine.

It’s simply not true!  There is a time and place for both approaches – the challenges are:

  1. Deciding

  2. And then, determining the best plan for your particular healthcare need. learn more »

There is a clear difference between Natural Medicine and Traditional Medicine.

  1. Natural Medicine focuses on you, the patient.
    Traditional Medicine focuses on condition or disease.

  2. Natural Medicine provides individualized treatments.
    Traditional Medicine is an assembly-line approach.

  3. Natural Medicine treats the whole person.
    Traditional Medicine treats symptoms or the processes of a disease.

  4. Natural Medicine promotes proactive self-care and self-healing.
    Traditional Medicine reacts after the fact.

  5. Natural Medicine honors the core psychological and spiritual nature of each individual.
    Traditional Medicine honors the pursuit of treatment.

  6. Natural Medicine focuses on nutrition, lifestyle and preventive practices.
    Traditional Medicine focus is tests, prescriptions and surgery.

Natural Medicine is a system of treatment that complements and enhances the body’s natural capacity to heal by restoring balance – without the use of synthetic drugs or chemicals.

The choice between Traditional Medicine and Natural Medicine is neither as simple as advertised or as complex as you’re lead to believe.  That’s where you can get stuck -Traditional medicine versus Natural Medicine – because they both have a place when it comes to protecting or improving your health. learn more about deciding »

When you need help, it’s important to find someone who has your interest foremost in their mind. That’s precisely where choosing the right Natural Health Consultant will pay you dividends. learn more about Natural Health Consulting  »

Staying or becoming healthy is a partnership between you and the professionals you choose to be on your team. When each member of the partnership do their part – you are the beneficiary!  learn more about choosing a health care partner »

The Radiant Health Club offers you natural medicine and more!

The Natural Health Consultant at the Radiant Health Club, Frank Lucas, PhD, NHC,  use holistic methods, natural remedies and practical tactics to help you protect or improve your health.

Dr. Frank has helped 1000’s of people, in Castle Rock, Metro Denver and around the World with natural medicine for more than 20 years – using holistic methods, natural remedies and practical tactic – it’s likely that he can help you.  And, your 1st appointment is free.  make your complementary appointment »

Below, are 3 resources

. . . that you will find helpful for protecting or improving your health using Natural Medicine and/or Natural Remedies.

Professional Help
If you could use the help of a Natural Health Consultant, call for an appointment.
Here’s How  »
On the Fence
If you’re curious about what a Natural Health Consultant does, read this.
Learn More  »
Make Your Own Plan
If you’re comfortable doing it yourself, here’s a worksheet. Call me if you want help.
Do it Yourself  »