Strange Symptoms & Food Sensitivities

Do you Struggle with Strange Symptoms
or Unexplainable Illnesses?
… Bloating, Indigestion, Brain Fog, Weight Gain, Headaches or Fatigue?

Food sensitivities might be the culprit.
They’re not really food allergies – nor are they as profound as anaphaylaxis – but, food sensitivities are very disagreeable!

The process of elimination, in the Exclusion Diet, helps people identify the subtle – sometimes […]

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Making Appropriate Health Care Choices

Why Limit Your Health Care Options?
Why do people automatically choose Traditional Medicine instead of an alternative option like my profession – a Natural Health Consultant, Using Holistic Natural Medicine with Practical, Common-sense Strategies & Tactics – when they experience a health issue?
3 words: Faith, Hope and Trust, come to mind.*
It is interesting, too, because I’ve […]

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