Holistic Medicine is a Method of Healing

Holistic Doctors and Holistic Medicine
Holistic medicine is a method of healing that considers the whole person
. . . in their quest for optimal health and wellness.
Holistic doctors and Holistic Health Practitioners believe
. . . the whole person is made up of interdependent parts.

A holistic medicine doctor views you as a person, not a disease.
When you consult a […]

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Holistic Health & Exercise

Holistic Health & Natural Exercise
Holistic health & healing involves balancing the physical exercise needs of the body.

Holistic Health & Scientific Research About Natural Exercise
Foraging and Famine Shaped Human Genetics

Noted researchers, Manu V. Chakravarthy, Frank W. Booth in their study: Eating, exercise, and “thrifty” genotypes: connecting the dots toward an evolutionary understanding of modern chronic diseases, that physical […]

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