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lifestyle-medicine - a unique health care experience1,000’s before you are experiencing the joy of true health thanks to this 5 star rated Natural Health Consultant.

Dr. Lucas Believes:
“Health is more than the absence of symptoms
It is being well in all areas of health – and life!”

Life Changing Experiences

Life Changed …

Thank you for all your wonderful help since this fall.  You give your heart in your work. You are a man of great integrity and knowledge.  You’ve changed my life.
5 star rated health consultant - joint and back pain  Andrea L., Mead, CO

Integrity …

8 years ago I was unhealthy and sick all of the time.

Since I was referred to Dr. Lucas, my life has changed drastically. Today, I am healthy and loving life! As I write this, my colleagues and students are sick and I AM HEALTHY!  I am truly thankful for all Dr. Lucas does for me.

5 star rated health consultant - stress related chronic fatigue  Janelle K.  Alexandria, VA

The Golden Years were not that fun.

I accepted the fact of being overweight and that my health was failing  as I was aging.   I learned that aging doesn’t have to mean you have to accept sickness and disease.  

PS Don’t try calling, I’m out and about – enjoying life – again.

5 star rated health consultant - aging gracefully  Liz B.  Ft Meyers, FL

Knowledge …

According to the doctors there was no cure.

I had this horrific skin condition all over my body, swollen everywhere and a complete mess!

I’m following a Personal Health Plan, my body is bouncing back great!”

5 star rated health consultant - medically untreatable skin condition  Greg T.  Albuquerque, NM

I went from sluggish to energetic!  I lost 50 pounds and I feel like a new person!

5 stars-client rating  Denise R.  Parker, CO

Definitely our go to guy, he’s saved Jerrell’s life and his leg, he helped me after I sustained a severe concussion, I could go on and on about this man but the true blessing is he’s our very dear friend. We love you, Papa Frank

5 star rated health consultant - recovery & rehabilitation from injuries  Tonya Wall, Cliff, NM

Experience …

I heard the words we all fear:  “You have a few months to live.”  Within six months I was feeling great!  

That was 13 years, my daughter’s and my son’s weddings and the births of several grandchildren ago!

Thank you for helping me have a second chance at life.

5 star rated health consultant - medically untreatable chronic disease  Jeanie T.  San Antonio, TX

I feel like a twenty year old, but am actually soon to be 75!

After a few sessions and following Frank’s suggestions, I noticed my quality of life change.

My once swollen ankles and achy bones were no longer an issue. I am 100% committed to the program and do not miss a beat!  I am out and about daily and loving my life!  THANK YOU Dr. Lucas!

5 star rated health consultant - aging healthfully  Rose K.  Union Town, PA

Changing People’s Lives

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5 star rated health consultant - integrity, experience, training     Radiant Health Club, Castle Rock, CO, 80104

NOTICE:  Individual results may vary.  Results depend on clarity of information, client determination and discipline.