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Are Alternative Health Solutions “Quackery” or Good Health Care?

By and large, practitioners of various Natural Health Solutions are viewed as “quacks” whose treatments are unscientific and potentially dangerous.

lifestyle health consultantEmergency Medicine has saved countless lives over the past 60 years.

Emergency Room personnel are trained to use the most advanced medical devices and treatments at critical, life-threatening moments to save people’s lives.  Rest assured – your nearest trauma center is a blessing that can save your life.

Is There a Dangerous Pipe Dream?

However, some of the treatments offered by well-meaning Medical Doctors to mask the symptoms of chronic health issues is another story.

As shown in the movie, Doctored, “… the belief that the tests, drugs and surgeries can create good health is a dangerous pipe dream.” It simply won’t happen.

“There’s been a deliberate campaign to label anybody who doesn’t sell or distribute drugs, surgery or radiation as a quack.”

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Still Skeptical?

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Prescriptions and medical treatments
are not always the first or best option to protect or improve your health.

Some people have discovered less risky, more effective ways to improve their health – or rebuild failing health – using Alternative Health Solutions.

Despite the modern medical system’s attempt to brand Alternative Health Solutions as “quackery” – people are turning to Alternative Health Solutions, nutrition and natural remedies to help avoid expensive tests, the side-effects of drugs, the risks of surgeries and radiation – because they work.

And, because of the limitations of Conventional Medicine, some pioneering Medical Doctors are even turning to Alternative Health Solutions to help improve their patient outcomes.

The pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, and even government, will not relent from their assault on Alternative Health Care Solutions –  because the use of common sense and a healthy lifestyle to protect or improve your health threatens their bottom line profits and revenues.

You can learn how to care for your body, naturally.

Natural Health Care Consultant Helps People

• Uncover the patterns that produce declining health, sickness and disease

• Discover new patterns that produce healing and health

• Using holistic wellness methods and natural remedies

Alternative Health Clinic Can Help Change Your Life.

It’s simple. People need to believe 3 things:

  1. The body can – and will – protect and heal itself – that’s faith
  2. They can stay or become truly healthy – that’s hope
  3. There is a combination of holistic methods, natural remedies and lifestyle tactics that can help them maintain, rebuild and care for their bodies – that’s trust.

But, it’s not easy – because faith never means being gullible.

I can show you why, teach you how and coach you along the way.  But, there’s no magic bullet. In the end, you are responsible to yourself.

And, I know trust must be earned, that’s why our initial consultation is complementary.

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