Better Living through Chemistry

science-smModern life has changed a lot since the slogan: “Better Living through Chemistry” first appeared in the 1940s.

When you lump in technology, the way we live today would astound people living then.

Science fiction has become reality!  Changes in:  Agriculture, manufacturing, communications, medicine, energy; the way people, eat, sleep, work, play and travel; warfare, social interactions – could not seem possible to all but a few “dreamers” living in the 1940’s.

Those few dreamers set about transforming the industrialized world – for better or worse.

Just Because You Can – Doesn’t Mean You Should

Those few “Dreamers” transformed the industrialized world – for better or worse.

The 1st warning signs that unchecked science had an unsavory under-belly was documented in an environmental science book, Silent Spring, written by Rachel Carson and published in 1962.

The book documented the detrimental effects of releasing large amounts of potentially dangerous chemicals into the environment without a sufficient understanding of their effects on ecology or human health. It claimed that DDT and other pesticides had been shown to cause cancer and that their agricultural use was a threat to wildlife.

Even though Silent Spring was controversial and widely attacked by the main-stream scientific community, Carson’s unassailable research led to a U.S. – and subsequently world-wide – ban of one of the pillars of the “Green Revolution” – DDT – in 1973. The U.S. legislation was named: Endangered Species Act of 1973 (ESA; 16 U.S.C. § 1531 et seq.). NOTE: DDT use continues to this day to poison mosquitoes that carry malaria.

Dreamers will be Dreamers

50 years after the publication of Silent Spring identified the unintended consequences of using DDT, there are more unintended consequences of other “advances” – that are being called into question by small groups of researchers.

Bolstered by catastrophes like: the Chernobyl and Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disasters; collapsing butterfly, bee and fish populations; concerns about GMO (genetically modified organisms), new herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers; declining health and medical side-effects – are stirring controversy once again.

All That Glitters is Not Gold

I won’t pretend to be an expert in fields other than natural health and healing.

But, I will offer these observations:

  1. The future is seldom what you expect.
  2. Zeal, misguided or not, often leads to unexpected consequences.

Furthermore, there is a generational, premature, false-confidence in traditional medicine.  This pervasive misconception about traditional medicine transfers the responsibility for protecting or improving one’s health to someone or something – other than themselves – is contributing to the explosion of managed degenerative diseases.

Unfortunately, since this illusion is supported by millions of dollars in advertising and by a large segment of the main-stream scientific community, as was the case with Rachael Carson and DDT,  it may be difficult to overcome – for some people.

None-the-less, I am convinced this illusion can be overcome. There are people whose lives would change dramatically, if they knew why and how to care for their bodies naturally.

That’s my mission.

I help people …

  1. Uncover patterns that produce declining health, sickness and disease
  2. Discover new patterns to produce healing and health
  3. Using holistic methods, natural remedies and practical tactics

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