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There is a significant difference between traditional medicine and holistic medicine. Dr. Lucas explains the difference to help you determine which approach best suits your expectation, so you can begin making informed decisions about if, and when a particular form of treatment is appropriate for your situation.

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Strange Symptoms & Food Sensitivities

Do you Struggle with Strange Symptoms
or Unexplainable Illnesses?
… Bloating, Indigestion, Brain Fog, Weight Gain, Headaches or Fatigue?

Food sensitivities might be the culprit.
They’re not really food allergies – nor are they as profound as anaphaylaxis – but, food sensitivities are very disagreeable!

The process of elimination, in the Exclusion Diet, helps people identify the subtle – sometimes […]

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Making Appropriate Health Care Choices

Why Limit Your Health Care Options?
Why do people automatically choose Traditional Medicine instead of an alternative option like my profession – a Natural Health Consultant, Using Holistic Natural Medicine with Practical, Common-sense Strategies & Tactics – when they experience a health issue?
3 words: Faith, Hope and Trust, come to mind.*
It is interesting, too, because I’ve […]

What is a Healing Crisis?

The Healing Crisis
. . . or as it is formally known, The Herxheimer Reaction, is characterized by a temporary increase in discomfort during the body’s process of detoxification. It occurs when internal toxins and wastes are being released faster than the body can eliminate them.
Whether you’ve chosen to started a cleansing or a natural health and […]

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Holistic Treatment or Medical Treatment?

The Difference Between Holistic Treatment and Medical Treatment
One of the most frequently asked questions I hear is: “How is holistic treatment with natural medicine different than medicinal treatments?”  It’s a short question that demands a big answer.
Medical Treatments
The philosophy of Medicine relies on empirical data (tests) to identity a factor that can be destroyed or managed with medication(s) […]

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Better Health Care Options

Better Health Care Options
U.S. Health Care Costs Highest
… Outcomes Among the Worst*
Do you know anyone who dreams about the day when they can spend all their waking hours dealing with health problems?
No? Me neither.  So …
Why are they spending big money on Health Care – frustrated and disappointed with the bargain and looking for better health care […]

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How Life Gets In The Way of Living

 How Life Gets In The Way of Living
One of the many “happy accidents” of offering a free initial consultation at the Radiant Health Club is the conversations I have during the consultation.
One of my new clients said: ”I’m not sure who 1st said it … “,
then shared this quote . . .
I thought I’d live […]

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Why Choose a Natural Health Consultant?

Why Choose a Natural Health Consultant?

Picture this:

You’re feeling down. Your belly seems perpetually upset.
Your nose is stuffed up and, to top it off, you’re not sleeping well.
You head to your Doctor for — if you’re lucky — a 10-minute chat about what’s ailing you.
Afterwards, the Doctor hands you a prescription, […]