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Holistic health and healing supports your body’s innate ability to protect, rebuild and heal itself. Unlike conventional medicine’s symptom-based approach that masks your complaints, holistic methods get to the root cause – or better, when applied proactively, maintains optimal health, naturally.

Free Holistic Health Webinar

Free Holistic Health Webinar
The Evolution of Medicine:  presented by Frank A. Lucas, PhD, cNHC, HHP
Free Holistic Health Webinar. In session 1 of 3 parts,  Dr. Lucas discusses the evolution of medicine:  it’s strengths dealing with injury and infection and it’s limitations when addressing chronic and degenerative diseases.

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Want more?  You will find that either, or both, […]

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Sex Hormones – balance is the key

Understanding Sex Hormones
Estrogen, Testosterone, Progesterone
(a.k.a. Gender Specific Hormones)

There are 3 types of sex hormones (a.k.a gender hormones): Estrogen, Testosterone and Progesterone.
In the womb, genetics determines if a baby is to be effected estrogen – becoming a female; or a male that is effected by testosterone.
The specific characteristics of the dominant sex hormone manifest during […]

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Hormones are the Body’s Messengers

Hormones are the Body’s Messengers.
The body has many different hormones – and glands that produce them!
Glands and hormones have an enormous role to play in the body’s health and well-being.  Understanding these roles is important for those looking to protect, manage and improve their health.

What do hormones do, exactly?

Hormones are the body’s messengers.
Glands […]

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Holistic Natural Medicine

Holistic Health and Healing
with Natural Medicine
Holistic health and healing is loving your body.


For more than 4,000 years – Holistic health and healing, combined with natural medicine has successfully protected people’s health and treated their maladies.
During the past 100 years – Traditional Medicine with prescriptions and or surgeries, has, for better and worse, taken center […]

Holistic Health & Exercise

Holistic Health & Natural Exercise
Holistic health & healing involves balancing the physical exercise needs of the body.

Holistic Health & Scientific Research About Natural Exercise
Foraging and Famine Shaped Human Genetics

Noted researchers, Manu V. Chakravarthy, Frank W. Booth in their study: Eating, exercise, and “thrifty” genotypes: connecting the dots toward an evolutionary understanding of modern chronic diseases, that physical […]

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Changing Habits Holistically

Changing Habits
Telling yourself to “stop stressing out” or “quit worrying” doesn’t work – it only creates anxiety and stress.
If you intend to change conditioned tendencies and habits of any kind, you’ll need to change your perspective from: needing to ‘stop’ something – to ‘doing’ something else.
Don’t quit habits – transform them into new habits.
When […]

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How to Match Your Health Span to Your Life Span

How to Match Your Health Span
to Your Life Span

While it is true that technology has contributed to a longer Life Span – your Health Span hasn’t kept pace!

In fact, many people are beginning to experience more suffering and expense during their lives than even their parents experienced at a similar age.

And, thanks to more traditional medical specialties, more drugs, […]

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Can Emotions Can Affect Your Health?

Emotions Can Affect Your Health

Endless numbers of self-help books encourage people to “examine their emotions” then, categorize their emotions as good or bad.
Unfortunately, the impact of examining emotions is as replete with misconception as are the concepts of eating healthy and exercise. Too much examination of emotions can get people stuck in an endless […]

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Treatment, Recovery, Recuperation & Rehabilitation

Treatment & The 3 R’s of Healing
Recovery, Recuperation & Rehabilitation

People believe the treatment will magically fix what ails them. One and done!
Well, they’re wrong!
The single biggest mistake is: believing the treatment will make them healthy – because it won’t!
At best, treatments – natural, prescriptive and/or surgical – will stop the decline, but can’t start or complete […]

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Better Living Through Chemistry

Better Living through Chemistry
Modern life has changed a lot since the slogan: “Better Living through Chemistry” first appeared in the 1940s.
When you lump in technology, the way we live today would astound people living then.
Science fiction has become reality!  Changes in:  Agriculture, manufacturing, communications, medicine, energy; the way people, eat, sleep, work, play and travel; […]

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