Better Living Through Chemistry

Better Living through Chemistry
Modern life has changed a lot since the slogan: “Better Living through Chemistry” first appeared in the 1940s.
When you lump in technology, the way we live today would astound people living then.
Science fiction has become reality!  Changes in:  Agriculture, manufacturing, communications, medicine, energy; the way people, eat, sleep, work, play and travel; […]

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Package & Processed Food

Real Food Doesn’t Come in a Bag, Box or Can

“If you are bringing home bags of: boxes, bags and cans of “food” from the Supermarket -throw away the contents and eat the packaging.”
Dr. Joel Wallach, BS, DMV, ND

There was a time
. . . when discerning shoppers carefully selected the ingredients for meals from an array […]

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What’s in Processed Food?

Processed Foods Facts
Did you know this about processed food?
Cravings for processed foods are initiated by eating processed food?
Worse, processed foods are deliberately tampered with to create the desire for more of it.
Food scientists know that it is necessary for certain nutrients to be present in the blood stream in order to feel full.
While it is […]

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Composition of the Human Body

Composition of the Human Body
When you understand the composition of your body, you’ll be able to meet the thresholds of nutrition required to keep it operating efficiently – which is the precise definition of health.

Water is the most abundant nutrient (accounting for roughly 2/3 of body weight) and, by far, the most important because […]

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