Understanding Chronic & Degenerative Disease

Chronic, degenerative disease is:

  • The gradual, almost imperceptible decline in health;

  • It is an unnatural state of being unhealthy;

  • It keeps you running back and forth to your doctor;

  • In search for something to stop the symptoms of something
    . . . for which there is no cure.

You won’t wake up one morning and remark, “I’ve got chronic, degenerative disease!”
Chronic, degenerative disease is a thief that steals our quality of life as we age. This thief sneaks up on you and then – wham – you’ve been had.

How many people do you know who are experiencing the symptoms of declining health?

1. Have a closet full of clothes that are too small
2. Are “out of sorts” at least once each month or all the time
3. Complain about their joints – or energy – or a foggy mind
4. Or issues no one talks about like: constipation, diarrhea and indigestion (IBS and the like)

Probably more than a few. That’s because these complaints – and more – are epidemics in America.

Write This Down:
Healthy people don’t get sick – nor do they take prescriptive medicine.

Holistic Doctor using Lifestyle MedicineHealthy people stay so healthy that they are seldom unhealthy – and if they are, they bounce right back.

That’s a good thing, because they just might be able to live life to the fullest and, when it is time, die healthy.

You do not have to settle for anything less than Radiant Health.

Take control of what you eat and drink!

1Your body is constantly building new cells and repairing itself – because living is tough on it.

Researchers, who delve into the process of aging called senescence, have shown that every one of the cells that make up our body is replaced every seven years. And, the body has a recipe to produce a perfect replica of the worn out and/or damaged cell(s) called DNA.

2Good or bad, what you eat is what you get.

Your body replaces every cell – every 7 years. Each and every day, your body must replace 300 billion cells that have worn out, with new ones – using the nutrition that comes from the food we eat.

  • If the ingredients for the recipe are there—you get 300 billion perfect cells;
  • if not, the cells are substandard and the quality of the cells and tissue that are being replaced declines.
  • The nutritional deficiencies lead to the degeneration of cells, tissue, organs and bodily functions—a.k.a., degenerative, chronic disease.


I was wondering – “How can I explain why it is so important to manage what people put in and on their bodies?

Then, it came to me – the opposite of degeneration is regeneration. People need to understand that their body can protect and fix itself – if it has the “stuff” that the DNA recipe calls for to build perfect cells and enough time.

That “stuff” is the basic nutrition that comes from what people choose to consume.  The quality of your everyday diet dictates the quality of 300 billion replacement cells your body produces every night.  If you can’t – or won’t eat everything your body needs to regenerate — then you must fill the gap with high quality nutraceutical supplements—like these.

You’ve likely read or heard: If you don’t like the way things are – you’ve got to change the things you do!

People are paying a lot of money for visits to Medical Doctors and their sickness protocols (prescriptions) . . . with little or no relief . . . and on processed and prepared food that put them in this fix in the first place.  Maybe it’s time to start investing in a regenerative protocol – taking care of the body, eating better and using basic nutraceutical supplements to complete their balanced diet.

The program has one rule: Give your body the tools it needs to heal itself!

Dr. Lucas can help demystify using Holistic Lifestyle Medicine to stay or become healthyThe tools are:
1. Balanced Diet, Ample Sleep & Relaxation
2. Do you best, then use supplements to fill the gap in your diet.
3. Allow time it takes for your body to heal itself.

Remember this:  Healthy People Don’t Get Sick.  That’s a good thing, because they just might be able to live life to the fullest.  You do not have to settle for anything less than radiant health – Take control!

Staying or becoming healthy is simple – but, sometimes, it’s not easy.  Established habits, years of advertising messages and other misconceptions can, and often do, get in the way.  If you want, Dr. Lucas can and will help you protect or improve your health.  « Learn more »

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