Emotions Can Affect Your Health

Emotions are a factor in human health

Yes – indeed!

Your body responds to the way you think, feel and act. This is often called the “mind/body connection.” “Good” changes can be just as stressful as “bad” changes.

Endless numbers of self-help books encourage people to “examine their emotions” then, categorize their emotions as good or bad.

Unfortunately, the impact of examining emotions is as replete with misconception as are the concepts of eating healthy and exercise. Too much examination of emotions can get people stuck in an endless cycle of regrets and disappointment!

Here’s 2 examples:

  1. Dwelling on the past often creates regrets – which, in itself is destructive, since you can’t change the past.
  2. Imagining the future creates disappointment – which can occur since, as we all know, the future is seldom, if ever, what we imagine.

Choices produce emotions – one of three components that affect true health.

  1. Falling into the multi-tasking trap – means never finishing anything – creates stress.
  2. Lingering in the past – replaying “shoulda, coulda, woulda” scenarios – creates paralysis.
  3. Day-dreaming about a future that rarely happens – sets up distractions.

I think it is best practice to consider life on a time line: past, present and future.


A compendium of actions you’ve taken based on the information you had available – at the time.


A collection of possibilities – relative to what you do in the present.


The only time in which you are in control.

Managing the present is not “a devil may care” proposition.

Emotions start with to much, or too little work, family or friends or personal attention

It is:
1. Setting realistic goals and priorities within 3 distinct categories … then completing them – everyday.
2. Setting boundaries within these categories. Doing what you can do, ignoring what you can’t do, having the wisdom to know the difference.

emotions emanate from life's experiences

And it is:
3. Embracing the mundane, 95% parts of life
4. Reacting to the 5% of the extreme highs and lows in your life on your terms – when you must.

Physical and mental health springs from balance.

Finding that balance is, for many people, the challenge.
People over-compensate or feel guilty at work, with friends and family when they fail to meet their, or others’ unbalanced expectations.

These dilemmas are a direct result of propaganda.
Someone has shaped a simple or complex narrative that encourages others to instinctively do or buy something – when faced with the same or similar situation.

  • In commerce, it’s called advertising.
  • In society, it’s opinions and dogma.

It works!
It creates habits and expectations – for better or worse – that are difficult, sometimes impossible to change.

Creating balance is neither simple nor complex.

It’s a series of choices between too much, too little or just right. 
emotions - healthy body and a healthy life.

•  When the result of a choice is “as expected” – repeat it.
•  If not, change it next time.

Emotions affect your health and the inverse is true – your health affects your emotions.

Holistic methods help people discover the root cause of their health issue, practical tactics and natural remedies to help people establish a health producing balance in their lives.

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