Why Limit Your Health Care Options?

Holistic medicine treats to whole body, traditional medicine treats symptomsWhy do people automatically choose Traditional Medicine instead of an alternative option like my profession – a Natural Health Consultant, Using Holistic Natural Medicine with Practical, Common-sense Strategies & Tactics – when they experience a health issue?

3 words: Faith, Hope and Trust, come to mind.*

It is interesting, too, because I’ve been wrestling with how to explain when it’s a good idea to choose my Holistic Natural Health Consulting services at the Radiant Health Club.

Faith is: a state of being convinced about what we hope for.
Hope is: wanting something to happen.
Trust is: a belief that someone/something is good, reliable, honest & effective.

People Choose to Limit Their Health Care Choices

People automatically choose Traditional Medicine
. . . because they are convinced that:

  1. Traditional Medicine can help them – that’s faith
  2. They want their affliction to go away – that’s hope
  3. Physician’s training and experience will fix them – that’s trust.

Visiting your Doctor is a good idea – if you’re sick
. . . due to a bacterial infection, injured or need profound emergency intervention – because the physician’s training and resources are focused on detecting and killing infecting microbes, stabilizing an injury or performing a surgery.

It’s a sick care model – they treat the sick and injured then try to manage the side effects of their treatments.
More about the sick care model …

What if You Are Just – Not Healthy?

What if “the inconvenience” you’ve been accepting as a part of your life …

  1. Sends you to the Drug Store for some relief.
  2. Then, after a while – into the Doctor for a prescription that quiets your complaint.
  3. Next, a test that shows a condition that, ultimately, needs to be managed by a prescription.

Tradition Medicine calls it “Chronic Disease” for which there is no cure – only a lifetime of prescriptions, tests, procedures and symptom management.

That’s what I call “creeping normalcy” – settling for good enough – not sick, but not healthy, either.  

That’s when making appropriate health care choices is important – it’s your off-ramp.

That’s the precise point where people need the Radiant Health Club – or another qualified Natural Health Coach – instead of another fruitless prescription or test. Here’s why  »

A Natural Health Consultant is a Good Idea Because

… holistic methods, natural remedies and practical tactics offers you True Health Care.

  More about the Dr. Frank’s methods …

I believe:

  1. I can help you avoid or reverse that inevitable creep from the state of true health, but it will require you to reevaluate the role you play when it comes to your health. I can help you become proactive when it comes to protecting your health.
  2. I can help you participate in the process of your recuperation from the symptoms of creeping normalcy – instead of waiting until your are forced to react to the inevitable – declining health – or worse – the desperate search for something that can right your sinking ship. learn more

You can learn how to care for your body, naturally.

Natural Health Consulting Can Help Change Your LifeIt’s simple. People need to believe 3 things:

  1. The body can – and will – protect and heal itself – that’s faith
  2. They can stay or become truly healthy – that’s hope
  3. There is a combination of holistic methods, natural remedies and lifestyle tactics that can help them maintain, rebuild and care for their bodies – that’s trust.

But it’s not easy, because faith never means being gullible.

I can show you why, teach you how and coach you along your journey into the World of Radiant Health – but, there’s no magic bullet. In the end, you are responsible to yourself.

I know trust must be earned, that’s why our initial consultation is complementary.

  1. We’ll get to know one another and I’ll get a sense of your needs.
  2. If I can help, I’ll tell you so; if not, I’ll tell you that, too.
  3. Then, if I can help, you can decide if you want my help. It makes choosing a win-win situation for both of us.

If you’re settling for less than true health – call for a complimentary appointment. What do you have to lose?

*A health note from Dr. Frank:

I take about 10 minutes, every morning, to collect my thoughts before I start my day – with no particular objective – and no distractions.  I call it warming up my brain for the challenges that I know will occur. It helps my attitude and gets me ready to face life. I repeat the process, before going to bed – it clears my mind so I can go to sleep. You should try it!