Holistic Doctor in Castle Rock, CO offers Holistic Treatments using Lifestyle Medicine and Natural Remedies.

More and more, people are choosing natural medicine offered by a Natural Health Consultant, Holistic Health Practitioner to take a more proactive approach for protecting or improving their health – or reversing the symptoms of declining or failing health.

If you, or a loved one, are experiencing the burden of declining health or chronic disease, you know it changes your life forever.

It’s a maddening search for what.

  • What disease do you have.
  • What medicine(s) to prescribe to ease the symptoms.
  • What next?

A Holistic Doctor in Castle Rock, CO offers you another option – why!

Holistic Medicine is treatment by cause – not symptoms.

It seeks an understanding why health declines and fails – not what to prescribe.


Holistic Doctor in Castle Rock helps you uncover the causes of declining or failing health

How Lifestyle Drives Causes of Declining Health or Chronic Disease

The body is
. . . a network of balanced activities and functions.

Lifestyle creates the environment and biology for your body are defined by
. . . what you do, consume, your sleep patterns, exercise habits and levels of stress.

Lifestyle, Environmental and/or biological imbalance(s)
. . . disturb the body’s networks and functions.

Treatment by Cause
A New Framework for Health and Healing

1Uncover the underlying causes of environment or biological imbalances
. . . that produce declining health, sickness and disease

2Discover ways and the means
. . . to restore balance to help produce health and healing.

3Using holistic methods, natural remedies and practical lifestyle tactics.

Holistic Doctor in Castle Rock
Offering Lifestyle Medicine


Holistic Doctor in Castle Rock - Frank A. Lucas PhD, NHC Create a new framework for protecting or improving your health, naturally.

Dr. Frank A. Lucas, PhD, NHC is a Holistic Doctor in Castle Rock, CO – not an M.D.  He helps you understand why – not what.

Dr. Lucas is a Certified Natural Health Consultant, Holistic Health Practitioner who works with you to develop a practical lifestyle framework that helps you restore environmental and biological balance that is essential for optimal health.

Dr. Lucas uses holistic methods and natural remedies that support your body’s ability to protect or improve your health.

He consults with you on an appointment basis.  If you choose, interested parties are welcome, and encouraged, at any or all consultations.

Be prepared for more than a 10 minute drive-by visit.  It will be a frank, in-depth discussion of your objectives and concerns – with an honest evaluation of the likelihood of a successful treatment – and the initial consultation is free.

Healing almost never occurs in a straight-line manner, there are mostly improvements and occasional setbacks. But if you follow a scientific approach – trying to address the real underlying cause of your illness – healing takes place with steady improvement because the body always wants to heal itself.

With just a little push in the right direction, your body can – and will heal itself  when you avoid getting in its way with heavy-handed, unnatural treatment(s).

There’s Holistic Doctor in Castle Rock using natural treatments and Lifestyle Medicine at the Radiant Health Club who has been helping people like you for more that 20 years. His focus is on helping people build a life-long strategy for keeping their bodies working efficiently – which, in the final analysis is the bounty of true health.

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