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Holistic Doctor is a general term used to describe a person who employs a whole person method of treatment.

Unlike the academic title “Medical Doctor” that is earned from a School of Traditional Medicine , there is no clear-cut standard for credentialing for a Holistic Doctor.  And, there isn’t a “standard of care” for diagnosis and treatments for health issues using tests, pharmaceutical medications and/or surgeries.

The Holistic Method of treatment is an intensive approach that seeks to:

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  1. Uncover the “root cause” that is producing physical decline, sickness and disease.

  2. Discover new habits and natural means to produce health and healing.

  3. Using interview, observation, natural remedies and lifestyle modification.

Frank Lucas, PhD, NHC is
a Holistic Health Doctor and Natural Health Consultant  …
with standing, knowledge, experience, many success stories and happy clients

Author of Several Books & Health Blog Contributor

Clients told Dr. Lucas,
People need to know this stuff.  You should write a book.
So, he did.  Several, in fact.

Dr. Lucas’ Holistic, Natural Health books, e-books and manuals help people rekindle – or learn – the fundamental rules for the care and maintenance of their bodies.  Plus, each holistic health book and essay provides common sense, practical insights and guidance people need to help protect or improve their most valuable asset – GOOD HEALTH!

Workbook for the holistic care & maintenance of the body e-book & softcover

Creating Radiant Health
Keys to Releasing the Healing Powers Within

Media Guest, Key Note Speaker, Trainer & Teacher

Dr. Frank Lucas is not an M.D.  He is a PhD and Certified Natural Health Consultant

Dr. Lucas has several honorariums and more than 20 years of experience with: holistic health and healing, natural medicine, complementary medicine, alternative medicine and natural remedies.  He was on the cusp of the Nutraceutical Revolution and now, a thought-leader during the transition to Lifestyle Medicine.  Dr. Lucas is the “go-to guy” for common-sense, practical guidance for natural health and holistic healing.

Dr. Lucas discusses current issues of Lifestyle Medicine, Holistic Health, Natural Supplements and natural remedies and their importance when people consider protecting their health naturally or when they’re faced with a challenging health issue.

Interview with Mike Warren aired:   4/20/16, duration 57 minutes

Frank Lucas discusses the difference between consumer-grade and professional-grade supplements, the benefits of using nutraceutical supplements to fill gaps in your diet with lifestyle modifications to help with health challenges including a brief discussion about natural health consulting and coaching when using natural and complementary medicine.

Interview with Gary Antencio CNTV aired:  6/2/14 duration 16 minutes

Frank Lucas discusses Holistic Health Practitioners, Natural Health Consulting, Natural Remedies, Natural Healing and the particular methods he employs as a Natural Health Consultant when helping people protect or improve their health naturally.

Interview with Gary Atencio of CNTV.  aired:  6/5/2014 duration:  16 minutes

Frank Lucas, Ph.D. of Radiant Health Club Castle Rock CO (303) 660-0562: Discusses Holistic Health practitioners and provides great tips and hints on how to evaluate a high-quality Natural Health Consultant and Holistic Health Practitioner.   aired 3/16/15  duration:  3 minutes.

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3 part series:  Part I:  The Evolution of Medicine (duration:  13 minutes),  Part II:  How the Body Works (duration: 11 minutes),  Part III:  Your Role in Creating Radiant Health (duration:  15 minutes).

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Holistic Healer on a Mission

Frank Lucas at the Radiant Health Club, helps  people change their lives.  He believes that “Health is more than the absence of symptoms and disease. It is being well in all areas of health … and life!”  Dr. Lucas has helped many clients discover that their chronic health conditions and strange symptoms weren’t medical issues at all.

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