What are Holistic Health Practitioners?

A Holistic Health Practitioner believes:
the whole person is made up of inter-dependent parts. Imbalances in these systems or internal condition affects their overall health.

Holistic health practitioners or holistic doctors believe
that natural state of the body is healthy.

. . . that an illness, declining health or disease is produced by imbalance in the body’s inter-dependent systems and internal condition.

Although many advances and discoveries have been made in modern medicine, surgery and drugs alone have a very poor record for producing optimal health. It is easy to understand because traditional medicine is designed for sick-care.  Medical treatments either:  (1) attack infection and injury (2) or manage symptoms.

Holistic health practitioners seeks to treat the root causes of declining health or Chronic Disease by restoring balance in 3 areas:  Bio-chemical, Physical and Mental – to produce healing and optimized health.

Holistic Health Practitioners seeks to prevent illness by placing a greater emphasis on optimizing health – proactively.

Holistic Health Practitioners Use Whole Person Healing Techniques

Holistic health practitioners use techniques that are non-invasive. Instead of treating symptoms, as in traditional medicine, holistic treatment involves fixing the cause of the condition – not just alleviating the symptoms.

While holistic health practitioners may use natural remedies to address the immediate issues, the focus of a holistic doctor is to uncovering the underlying cause of the condition. Holistic treatment places a great emphasis on preventing illness and declining health by optimizing health. The holistic method emphasizes patient education on lifestyle changes and self-care techniques to promote wellness.

Holistic Health Practitioners Have Helped Many People 

holistic health practitionerMany people, who suffer from chronic ailments that have not been successfully treated – or have become wary or frustrated by traditional medical treatments – are turning to a holistic health practitioner. They find that holistic treatment is particularly helpful for chronic conditions and, subsequently, improving and protecting their general well-being.

There are few limits to the range of health issues that can be addressed in a holistic way, as the principle of holistic healing is to balance the body’s ability to function smoothly.

And often, when an individual seeks holistic health practitioners for a particular issue, other health problems improve without direct treatment – due to improvement in the other bodily functions and structures – one of the goals of holistic treatment.

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