Free Holistic Health Seminar – 3

Session 3:  Stopping & Reversing Declining Health & Chronic Disease:
presented by Frank A. Lucas, PhD, cNHC, HHP

In session 3 of this 3 part Holistic Health Seminar, Dr. Lucas discusses the holistic, natural processes for stopping and reversing the declining and failing health.

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Lifestyle MedicineThank you for attending our webinar.  Staying or becoming healthy is choice. 

What you do occasionally won’t hurt you – very much – what you do everyday is an investment in the rest of your life. 

Choose wisely!

Need Professional Help?

I have been helping people, just like you, uncover the root causes of declining health, discover ways that will produce health and healing, using holistic methods and natural remedies for 20+ years.  I will help you – if I can.