Holistic Medicine

Holistic Health is
About Making Choices.

The philosophies of Holistic Medicine, Natural Medicine or Complementary and Alternative Medicine share 2 components.

Those 2 components can be described this way:

Component #1:

2 – C’s.  It means Choices Have Consequences.

You may know this but it’s worth repeating.  Every choice you make has a consequence that you will experience – either acceptable or unacceptable – sooner or later.

People learn, over-time about the consequences of their choices – they get a “conscience”. It can be that warm feeling you get or the little voice that you hear when you’re about to do something you know you’ll regret.

Q: What happens when you’ve not been taught or learned something that is not true?

A: That’s simple: You will experience – sooner or later – the consequences.

  1. If what you do doesn’t work – do something different.
  2. If you ignore the “little voice” – tsk, tsk – that’s not very smart.
    There’s an adage that goes: “Stupidity is doing the same thing again and again – expecting a different outcome.

Q: What happens when you’ve done “all the right things” and it turns out wrong?

A: That’s not so simple because, by the time you’re experiencing that consequence, you’ve made lots of choices. You will need to analyze what you’re doing to discover and correct the misstep(s).  There’s an adage about that, too: “… death by a thousand cuts.

  1. Discovering and changing the things you do is difficult because they have become habits. That’s the point in time where a professional Health Consultant is most valuable.
  2. And, that’s the precise point that can change the predictable outcome of the missteps you have made along the way – if it’s not too late to undo any permanent damage. Learn more

Component #2:

3 – D’s.  It means being: Decisive, Disciplined and Determined.

Holistic Medicine differs from Traditional Medicine.
One views the whole body, the other views symptoms. Both approaches are effective – neither is exclusive. That’s the dilemma between alternative medicine and traditional medicine – choosing what’s best for you! Learn more

Once you’ve decided on a Holistic approach, you will need 3 things.
You will need to be:

  1. Decisive
    You will be tempted to 2nd guess yourself. Holistic healing takes time, so be patient.
  2. Disciplined
    Old habits are hard to break. The basis of Holistic healing is to replace the habits that created declining health and disease with habits that produce healing and health.
  3. Determined
    Life has a way of coaxing you away from your healthy habits. You need to be determined not to let your habits return you to the place where you started your holistic health journey.

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