Holistic Medicine is
About Possibilities and Probabilities

Over time, people have been conditioned to believe in magic bullets. That’s because magic bullets work for some types of bacterial infections and the occasional inconveniences that are signals that your body is upset by something you’ve done – like taking an aspirin for a headache.

So, people are convinced that there is a drug store remedy, prescription or medical procedure that, when needed, will save the day when, inevitably, their health starts to decline or fail.

That’s the Trap!

Your chances of staying of becoming healthy is more than luck!

Staying or becoming healthy, using holistic medicine, is all about understanding patterns that are more likely to produce declining health, sickness and disease – then avoiding them or changing them.

These patterns that produce sickness and disease are difficult for people to uncover because, frankly, most of them are learned habits.

That’s right, you learned how to make yourself sick! For example:

The most obvious pattern you’ve learned is your preference for food. Someone – family, friends, advertisers or self-help authors – have conditioned you for the selection, preferences and preparation of foods that dominate your diet.

That’s one of the probable reasons chronic health conditions like diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, asthma, obesity and even some forms of cancer seems to run in families – you, and the rest of your family, learned to eat with your feet under the same table.
University of Michigan Food Pyramid

Can’t Be?

Here’s a thorough, documented explanation that will show you what food you should be eating and why you should consume them.

Compare your dietary habits, preferences and prejudices – then decide for yourself. Learn more

Your preferences for food is just one example of the possibilities that contribute to your state of health.  There are others, too.

The objective of Holistic Medicine is to help people stay or become healthy using holistic methods and natural remedies to help restore the structure and function of your body.  Learn more

Holistic Medicine is About Possibilities and Probabilities

For people who are not healthy, that’s the exact reason a Natural Health Consultant – using holistic methods and natural remedies – is most valuable. Rather than offering a 10 minute “drive-by” diagnosis with prescription and/or expensive test to confirm and/or a referral to a specialist, he or she takes the time to think outside the box – to uncover the patterns that contribute to the symptom(s) then help implement a plan that enables to body to heal itself. Learn more

For people who are healthy, a visit with a Natural Health Consultant is an opportunity to be sure their vision of healthy habits conforms to the needs of their body – to help protect and sustain their health. Learn More

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