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Holistic Medicine
is based on 4 Principles.

These are the 4 Principles of Holistic Medicine that Guide Alternative Health Providers and Holistic Doctors, Like Dr. Lucas, to help you protect or improve your health naturally.

1 Disease is NOT bound to happen.

Often, declining health or disease is a symptom of the body’s inability to return to balance. It can be overcome with a willingness to manage and eliminate the abuses and maintain a disciplined adherence to a reasonable, balanced diet of whole foods. Holistic Medicine holds that a regime of proper foods, exercise, rest and permanent changes in your life-style habits can bring a variety of positive effects.

2 Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.

When Hippocrates uttered this oft quoted profound statement, preservatives, food dyes, chemicals and fast food that plague our modern diet wasn’t a problem. Today, he would have said: ” Let thy food, as God made it, be thy medicine and avoid the food that comes in a bag, box or can – as much as possible .

3 To change the way things are you must change the things you do.

Everyone has gaps: in their diet, their exercise, rest and the choices they make, so don’t despair.  Make a few changes and get on with your life.

4 It isn’t over ’til it’s over.

The affect on particular conditions largely depends on the degeneration of the body and its vital organs. However, the body is resilient. Holistic Medicine holds that if sufficient life energy remains, and you have the will, the possibilities for rejuvenation are good enough to warrant a change.

A Holistic Doctor Helps You:

  1. Uncover patterns that are producing physical decline, sickness and disease.

  2. Discover patterns that will produce health and healing.

  3. Using holistic methods, natural remedies and practical tactics.

You can protect your good health or improve your failing or declining health using these 4 Principles of Holistic Medicine and, if need be, the help of an experienced Holistic Health Practitioner.

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