Holistic Treatments
and Lifestyle Medicine in Colorado

Holistic treatments and Lifestyle Medicine are experiencing a resurgence in America due, in part, to frustrations with Traditional Medical Treatments.

Holistic treatments with a certified natural health professionalIf you, or a loved one, are experiencing the burden of declining health or Chronic Disease, you know it changes your life forever.

It’s a maddening search for: what disease do you have – what medicine(s) to take to help ease the symptoms.

It’s a search for the best sick care.

More and more, people are choosing to take a more proactive approach for protecting or improving their health – or reversing the symptoms of declining or failing health with Lifestyle Medicine and Holistic treatments.

People are Choosing Health Care instead of Sick Care

Holistic Treatment and Lifestyle Medicine are Treatments by Cause.  It is True Health Care that addresses:

  1. Why – not what – by understanding why health declines and fails – not what to prescribe.
  2. Cause – not Symptom – by treating the root cause of the condition – not symptoms.

Holistic Treatments are a New Framework for Health and Healing.  

  1. The body is a network of balanced activities and functions.
  2. Lifestyle creates the environment and biology for your body that is defined by what you do, consume, your sleep patterns, exercise habits and levels of stress.
  3. Environmental and/or biological imbalance(s) disturb the body’s networks and functions.

Method for Reversing the Lifestyle Driven Causes of Declining Health or Chronic Disease

  1. Uncover the habits that are producing the environmental or biological imbalances.
  2. Discover new habits and the means to restore balance.
  3. Use holistic methods, natural remedies and practical lifestyle modifications.
  4. More about the method »

Holistic Treatments, Lifestyle Medicine in Colorado

Natural Health Consultant offering Holistic treatments and Lifestyle MedicineThe Radiant Health Club, in Castle Rock, CO can help you create a new framework for protecting or improving your health, naturally.  More about Radiant Health Club  »

Dr. Frank A. Lucas, PhD, NHC helps you understand why – not what. He works with you to develop a practical lifestyle framework that helps you restore environmental and biological balance that is essential for optimal health.

Dr. Lucas uses holistic treatments, lifestyle medicine and natural remedies that support your body’s ability to protect or improve your health.  More about Dr. Lucas »

He consults with you on an appointment basis – and the initial consultation is free. If you choose, interested parties are welcome, and encouraged, at any or all consultations.

Be prepared for more than a typical 10 minute drive-by visit with a traditional Medical Doctor. It will be a frank in-depth discussion of your objectives and concerns – with an honest evaluation of the likelihood of a successful holistic, natural treatment. More about your 1st visit »

If you’re interested in protecting your health naturally, or suffering from the rigors of declining or failing health, a visit to the Radiant Health Club in Castle Rock, Colorado for a consultation with Dr. Lucas will prove helpful. Make an appointment »

The Easiest Way to Stay Healthy
… is to Not Get Sick!

Contrary to popular opinion:  there are no magic bullets that will restore your health, once it fails.

Understanding the basic rules for the care and maintenance of your body will help protect your good health and restore it, if it starts to fail.

Frank A. Lucas, PhD, NHC offers holistic treatment an Lifestyle Medicine

I am a
Holistic Health Practitioner and Natural Health Consultant 

I help people:

  1.  Uncover patterns & habits that are producing physical decline, sickness and disease
  2. Discover new patterns that will produce health and healing
  3. Using holistic treatments, natural remedies and practical tactics