How the Human Body Works

The Human body is self-replicating, self-healing, self-energizing
and self-protecting. It is adaptable, resilient and forgiving.

Research about how the human body works suggests that the body replaces all of its 750 trillion cells every cell – every 7 years. Your body accomplishes all of this by performing 4 processes and 4 functions that make your body work.

4 Processes are the beginnings for how the human body works.

how the body works

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The 4 processes are: Ingest, Digest, Assimilate and Eliminate.

Ingest is simple: it is taking in bio-mass: air, water and food from plant and animal sources.

Digest has 2 components: Bio-chemical action attacks infectants and treats the bio-mass with enzymes, acids and bases to breakdown and liquefy the biomass.

Then, the biological action of billions of microbes consume and convert the liquid to produce the nutrients that ultimately support the needs of the body and control overgrowth of other friendly microbes or infectants that may have slipped through.

Assimilate is an enzyme/chemical action that allows the exchange of nutrients from the intestinal tract – to the blood stream – to the bones, joints, organs, tissue and fluids – to carry out the 4 functions of the body.

Eliminate is an enzyme/chemical action that allows the exchange of wastes from the cells and tissue – to the blood stream – to the kidneys and liver – to the bowel – where internal debris and toxins are combined with dietary waste, quickly, to protect the body.

The 4 functions support how the human body works.

The 4 functions are:

  1. Repair damaged cells
  2. Rebuild cells that are beyond repair or programmed to die
  3. Energize the body
  4. Defend the body from threats, infection and infestation.

There are 11 systems of the body.

Hormones manage and enzymes work in a liquid solution of nutrients, acids and bases that are adjusted depending on the task.

Then, once the task(s) are completed, another enzyme/chemical action performs the exchange of wastes – internally produced toxins and debris – to the blood and lymphatic system – to the kidneys, liver and colon – to be quickly recycled and eliminated from the body.

It all happens automatically – except 1 function.

The 4 functions, 3 of the 4 processes and 11 systems that make up how the human body works rely – absolutely – on the 1 process the body can’t control – ingest – the purity, diversity, quality and quantity of the the bio-mass that enters the system – you make those choices.

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how the body works