How to Match Your Health Span
to Your Life Span


While it is true that technology has contributed to a longer Life Span – your Health Span hasn’t kept pace!

  • In fact, many people are beginning to experience more suffering and expense during their lives than even their parents experienced at a similar age.

  • And, thanks to more traditional medical specialties, more drugs, hospitals and nursing homes this longer Life Span without a corresponding Health Span is very expensive – and less than an attractive option for most people.

Caring for your body involves more than hygiene.  

If you intend to avoid the endless days of suffering and 10’s of thousands of Dollars of expense when your Life Span exceeds your Health Span then,

  • Remembering – if you’ve forgotten

  • Or learning – if you weren’t taught

. . . how to protect or improve your health is a skill you’ll need.

How to Match You Health Span to Your Life Span 
. . . is a life-change e-book that provides those skills!

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How to Match Your Health Span to Your Life Span - About Frank Lucas, PhD, NHC - a holistic health practitioner

A Holistic Health Practitioner and Natural Health Consultant with Integrity, Knowledge and Experience

Holistic health and healing is experiencing a resurgence in popularity among people seeking ways to match their health span with their life span.

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A Natural Health Consultant with Integrity, Knowledge and Experience

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