Lifestyle Medicine:
A Compelling Trend in Health Care

You’ve no doubt heard the terms – Holistic Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Natural Medicine, Alternative and Complementary Medicine – and been confused like everyone else.

Lifestyle Medicine is a term one you need to know and remember.

“40 years of study by the Preventative Medicine Research Institute at the University of California (San Francisco) shows that Lifestyle Medicine can be an effective, low-cost, low-tech treatment for chronic diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart disease and early-stage prostate cancer.” (Ornish, Dean, Dr., (2015, February 23), It’s Time to Embrace Lifestyle Medicine. Time, 185, 97.)

lifestyle medicine at the Radiant Health Club

Tens of millions of Americans take prescriptions for their “condition”.

When the patient asks: “How long do I have to take these drugs” …
the answer is usually “… FOREVER because, if you don’t you’ll die.”

Usually, the patient accepts the expense, side-effects, inconvenience and the likelihood of more medical treatments so they can live longer.

Live Long – Live Well

Lifestyle Medicine is about how long you live AND also about how well you live

The Objective of Lifestyle Medicine is:
Reframe the Reason for Making This Decision from Fear of Dying – to Joy of Living

Lifestyle Medicine Focus is the Mechanisms of Health

The mechanisms of health are dynamic – Lifestyle Medicine can help you in 3 ways:

  1. Proactively: You’ll likely feel better – which is the very definition of health. Lifestyle medicine is helpful for avoiding health issues.
  2. Reactively: You’re likely to feel better more quickly. Lifestyle Medicine is helpful for reducing the length and severity of your complaints.
  3. And, in randomized, controlled trials, it was shown that lifestyle changes alone can often slow or reverse the progression of certain chronic conditions. (Ornish, Dean, Dr., (2015, February 23), It’s Time to Embrace Lifestyle Medicine. Time, 185, 97.)

Simple – But Not Easy
The prescription for a long-life – well lived is:

  1. Simple: Eat Well, Move Well, Stress Less and Love More.
  2. Not Easy: Life can get in your way. read more …

A Natural Health Consultant can help you with your Lifestyle Medicine prescription by advising you on:

  1. Diet and the use of supplements
  2. Stress management techniques
  3. Moderate exercise
  4. Social Support

Lifestyle Medicine is not just about how long you live
it’s also about how well you live, too.

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