The Difference Between Holistic Treatment and Medical Treatment

One of the most frequently asked questions I hear is: “How is holistic treatment with natural medicine different than medicinal treatments?”  It’s a short question that demands a big answer.

Medical Treatments

Holistic treatment is different than modern medicineThe philosophy of Medicine relies on empirical data (tests) to identity a factor that can be destroyed or managed with medication(s) or treatment(s), or an injury that can be repaired surgically.

This philosophy has contributed to the eradication of water and air borne diseases and crippling injuries that plagued humanity since the beginning of time through the development and commercialization of antibiotics, sophisticated equipment, treatments and surgical techniques.

The sophistication of Traditional Medicine has given rise to a myriad of diagnoses, specialized practitioners, tests to confirm and treatments that may or may not provide an end to the treatments. In other words, the symptom requires management until death occurs – often requiring additional treatments to accommodate the known and unknown side effects of the treatments.

The model for Traditional Medicine is not without faults.
Tests, for example, require a “norm” before they can show an abnormal condition. Ongoing research reveals the flaws in the assumptions for testing “norms” that leads to the misapplication of treatment. Wide spread use of a treatment reveals more or different side effects or interactions than were revealed during the trials for the treatment.

Traditional Medicine is very good at what it is good at! Because of its success, people have grown to expect that medicine will have all the answers when their health begins to decline or fail. As a result, they become complacent – either knowingly or unknowingly neglecting the care and maintenance of their healthy body – then frustrated when they discover their symptoms require life-long management, intensive, risky interventions, or worse, untreatable.

Natural Medicine and Holistic Treatments

holistic treatments & natural medicineThe Holistic philosophy holds that health is the result of a balanced body. Health conditions, sickness and disease are caused by imbalances in physical activities, mental strain and inappropriate bio-chemical reactions.
This philosophy for holistic treatment is new and old-fashioned – at the same time. It considers the bio-mass (all the things that you eat, drink, breathe, take or rub on your body) immoderate physical activities and mental stressors.

The Holistic treatment philosophy holds that health can be maintained or restored by returning these 3 components to the historical needs of the body. It contends that health emanates from the construct of the balanced diet because it supports the internal biological and chemical reactions that produce an active, healthy body.

The Holistic Health Practitioner relies on lifestyle strategies, diet (augmented with nutritional supplements) and natural remedies to establish the balance to produce the condition of health.

The model for Natural Medicine & Holistic Treatment is not without faults, either.
It requires that people become actively involved by choosing and consuming wholesome food, drinking water and setting boundaries to assure adequate relaxation and sleep and to overcome the societal conditioning that encourages them to do otherwise.

How to Choose a Type of  Health Care Treatment
– Traditional Medicine or Holistic Treatment With Natural Medicine

There is a misconception that people should choose one or the other of these philosophies.

The fact is:
 Both schools of thought – Holistic treatment with natural medicine and Tradition Medicine are very good at what they’re good at and not very good at what they’re not.

I choose a Physician for an injury or bacterial infection – then allow enough time for my body to recover and recuperate.

For the rest of my health care issues –  if I don’t like the way things are, I change the things I do – using Holistic Medicine principles..

I support my body’s ability to protect and heal itself with:

  1. lifestyle modifications
  2. and/or an improved diet
  3. and/or a dietary supplement to fill the gaps
  4. and/or a natural remedy to improve the particular structure or function that is creating the situation

That’s holistic treatment and natural medicine at its best.

If you’re concerned, frustrated with your medical treatment, or just curious about another way to protect or improve  your health, naturally, using holistic treatment, natural remedies and practical, common-sense suggestions, a Natural Health Consultant, like Dr. Lucas, can help you make a plan to protect or improve your health – naturally.  To learn more about natural health consulting, coaching and mentoring, click here »

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