Treatment & The 3 R’s of Healing
Recovery, Recuperation & Rehabilitation

It takes more than treatment to get healthy again

Whether experiencing an infection, an injury, a chronic or degenerative disease, people who are “not healthy” are all too familiar with the term – treatment. From a medical perspective, treatment is the application of medicine and/or surgery.

People believe the treatment will magically fix what ails them. One and done!

Well, they’re wrong!

The single biggest mistake is: believing the treatment will make them healthy – because it won’t!
At best, treatments – natural, prescriptive and/or surgical – will stop the decline, but can’t start or complete the process of healing.  Your body does that – and it takes patience and diligence.

I can hear you now: “You betcha. Who has time for patience? I’ve got: bills to pay …, kids …, etc. ”
Save your breath and read on – because, when you begin feeling better, you’re only stabilized!

There’s more …

The treatment(s) may have worked, but:

  1.  The infection, injury or disease damaged your body and sapped its strength.
  2. The treatment(s) have challenged your body even more.
    Surgery is, of course, the most obvious; however, the chemicals in medications can, and do, stress your body. If you doubt this, read the warnings and side effects for your prescription(s). Your body expends valuable energy adapting to both!
  3. After the treatment(s), you have found the bottom of your health dilemma. But being “released”, in this day and age, means your insurance company won’t authorize further payments.

You have 2 choices:

  1. Resume your lifestyle – in a weakened state – which, more times than not, leads to recurrence, slow healing and other issues.
  2. Allow a reasonable time for your body to recover from the stresses of being not healthy and the treatments – adding extra nutrition, water and rest ( Read more ) and because your body is in a weakened state, it is a good idea to limit visitors due to exposure to pathogenic bacteria and viruses and avoid comfort foods ( Read more ).
    NOTE:  Common sense should guide your choice.  Read more

If you choose the latter – which I highly recommend
. . . there are 3 steps you need to complete if you intend to be healthy – ever again.

These are called the 3-R’s : Recovery, Recuperation and Rehabilitation.

Recovery is:
Allowing your body enough time to recover from the insults of the treatment(s). The length of time for recovery is dependent on the the scope, type and duration or your treatment. It ranges between days and weeks.

Recuperation is:
Allowing your body enough time to recover from the bacterial infection, injury or health challenge. The length of time for recuperation is dependent on the the nature of the health challenge. It ranges between days and weeks.

Rehabilitation is:
Conditioning your body to resume life and, if necessary, establish new habits to accommodate physical changes that are attributable to the treatment or condition. It is another process that involves knowing when to start, how much to do and when to stop! I call the rehabilitation phase of healing “The Goldilock’s Dilemma” – too much, too little, just right!  Too much will set you back, too little will slow the process, just right will get your body ready for life.

Now is the perfect time to point out a disturbing fact – there are no magic bullets.
Staying healthy or becoming healthy when you’re not is a process that you control. Do your part- using the 3-Rs – then let your body do the rest!

My mission is to help people protect or improve their health naturally.  For more than 20 years, I’ve helped many people find true health.  I’ve learned that some people will embrace what I do while others reject it outright.

Health and healing is a simple process.  But, in this day and age, the process has been complicated with unrealistic expectations and too much information.  My task is to help my clients “peel the onion” to help them make an over-complicated process simple.

I embrace free will.  As a teacher & mentor, I know I can’t do it for my clients, but there is an upside when they do it for themselves – with my help.

It’s Your Life – It’s Your Choice

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