Consultation Fees & Services

Clients often ask me : “How much does a Natural Health Consultant charge?”

natural health solutions services using alternative medicine & holistic methodsThat question can’t be answered specifically because the fee for Natural Health Consulting and Alternative Medicine depends on your particular needs.

That’s why your 1st session is FREE!

As in any other service, you pay for expertise, experience, professionalism and time.

When you engage my services, you’re hiring a “healer on a mission” – with specific academic credentials, training and over 25 years of local, national and international experience helping people protect or improve their health using Holistic methods with Natural and Alternative Medicine.

Important:  Please remember:  Your 1st Consulting Session is Always FREE!  The more specific you are about your situation, the easier it is to provide you an informed estimate for helping you accomplish your objectives.  We’ll know more after your 1st consultation. ( more on what you can expect …)

Below are examples of what you might expect after your FREE Session.

Private Session

Share your objectives, frustration(s), explain your current situation and discuss natural, holistic options.  Guests welcome!


Telephone & Skype

The magic of communications helps make the answers you’re seeking as close as your telephone or your computer.


Tactical, Natural Health Plan

A comprehensive analysis of your objectives, needs and frustration(s)  You will receive recommendations, instruction(s) with follow-up including:

  1. Analysis of contributing factors including:  Bio mass (environmental and diet), physical and mental components
  2. 1 Consultation Session with written tactical health plan, recommendations and instructions
  3. 2 Telephone Coaching Sessions


Strategic Holistic Healing Plan

A in-depth, on-going analysis of your current situation and needs.  Your will receive recommendations, instruction, and coaching with follow-up including:

  1. 7 day analysis using Lifestyle Mapping™ including your:  Bio mass (environmental and diet), physical and mental components
  2. 1 Consultation Session with written strategic healing plan, with recommendations and instructions
  3. 4 Consultation Sessions to review and adjust the plan to help you achieve you objective(s).
  4. 8 Telephone Coaching sessions


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