Better Health Care Options

U.S. Health Care Costs Highest
… Outcomes Among the Worst*

Do you know anyone who dreams about the day when they can spend all their waking hours dealing with health problems?

No? Me neither.  So …
Why are they spending big money on Health Care – frustrated and disappointed with the bargain and looking for better health care options?
Why do so many people find themselves immersed in the “tar pit”of nagging problems, declining health, sickness and disease?

  1. Sometimes, it’s a hereditary condition
    . . . although I firmly believe that many of these inexplicable health conditions are a function of nurture (immitated bad habits) – not nature.
  2. Sometimes, it’s bad luck – an injury or infection.
    People can be in the wrong place at the wrong time and end up with something that they couldn’t have anticipated – that changes their life forever.
  3. Most of the time – it’s choices.
    People either knowingly, or unknowingly, make choices that will – sooner or later – steal their health and change their life – forever.

For Example:

Stan, a long-time client of mine, said:
I thought I would live forever, but I didn’t know forever would come so soon.
He was lamenting all of his aches and pains after over-doing his work as a Master Stone Mason – again.

My comment to him was:
That’s creeping normalcy – major negative changes happen slowly – in many unnoticed ways that you don’t find too objectionable – until it’s a big problem.

Stan said,
I just thought I could …

I interrupted and asked: “Was that false-confidence?”  Stan nodded his head in agreement.

An ounce of Natural Medicine is Worth a Pound of Medical Treatment

It took Stan a while, but he gets it!
There are better health care options.  He’s asking “Why …?” instead of saying “What … “.

He’s learned 7 important things:

  • How his body works
  • Real food doesn’t come in bags, boxes and cans
  • Lifestyle tactics and supplements fill the gaps left by the demands of life
  • What you do, occasionally, won’t hurt you – too much

  • What you do, every day, can help you – a lot
  • He has the most to lose, his health, if he ignores the needs of his body
  • Staying healthy, or becoming healthy is a journey not a destination.

better health care options

I love what I do!

I am a Natural Health Consultant.  My name is Frank Lucas.  I work at the Radiant Health Club in Castle Rock, CO.  I help my clients uncover the creeping normalcy that, if unattended, will alter their quality of life – then, show them how to fix it,

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Countries spending the most on health care, Ashley C. Allen, USA Today July 7, 2014