Finding What Causes a Health Challenge

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Radiant Health Club - Finding the root cause of health issues

One of the questions people often ask me is:
How are you able to find what causes a health challenge when other health professionals miss it?

The answer to the question:  “How do I find and correct what causes your health issue?” is simple:  

  1. Most health care providers are specialized in one area of health.  Their diagnosis and treatment emanates from their area of specialty.
  2. Then, if the patient secures a 2nd opinion or goes online to do their research – it’s based on that original diagnosis.

It’s a trap!

I have training and experience – thinking outside the box.  Plus, I spend the time it takes to solve your problem.

That is the exact point where a Natural Health Consultant is most valuable.

A Natural Health Consultant takes the time to think outside of the box to find what causes the health challenge – instead of managing its symptoms!

For example:

  1. I’ve formulated nutritional supplements for more than 20 years. Before I even start a formula, it’s essential that I understand the various systems of the body – and how they work together – to create health.
  2. It’s my experience with how the body naturally heals itself that gives me the unique perspective that others in the health field may not fully appreciate.   My experience and training enables me to recognize the patterns that produce the symptoms of chronic illnesses.
  3. Recognizing how the body is reacting to those patterns – and then helping clients implement a plan that enables the body to heal itself – is how I’m able to help people address what causes their chronic health issues – or avoid them altogether!

Protecting or Improving Your Health
Using Holistic Methods and Natural Remedies

Get help from a Radiant Health Club Natural Health ConsultantI am a natural health consultant. I use holistic methods and natural remedies that help people protect or improve their health.  Anyone who wants help protecting or improving their health naturally should call me to arrange a free consultation session at (303) 660-0562.

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