What is Holistic Health?

What is health? It's more than the absence of disease.

Health is more
… than the absence of symptoms
It is being well in all areas of health.

The Human Body is A Marvel of Creation!

The Human Body is:


Thousands of Cells …
are sacrificed protecting your health from the environment and organisms like:  bacteria, virus, fungi and parasites.


Millions of Cells …
that are damaged and injured during the day, are repaired or replaced each night while you sleep.


Billions of Cells …
are produced – every night – to replace the trillions of cells that make up your body – every 7 years .

And, the Human Body is:


Short-term adjustments …
to challenging conditions in diet, environment, mental and physical stress.


Bounces back …
once the conditions improve and/or normalize – health is restored


Permanent loss of health …
unless a person changes the things they are doing that cause the way things are.

Predictable Patterns

When someone experiences the discomfort and inconvenience with their health
… they have been conditioned to follow a process:

  1. They’ll get something from the drug store
    . . . to help to make it go away.
  2. If it persists they will arrange a visit with their doctor
    . . . to get a prescription for something stronger.
  3. If the symptom is still there
    . . . they repeat the treatment.

If the symptom(s) quiets down – they resume their lives.

But, if the symptom(s) returns or worsens, they will:

  1. Arrange another visit with their doctor
    . . .  to see if “it” might be something else
  2. Be sent for tests
    . . . to help determine the source of the symptom(s).
  3. Receive a referral for a specialist – who has more training
    . . . to help with a stronger, or different prescription
    . . . and/or more and/or different tests
    . . . or perhaps a surgery to remove or correct part(s) of their body.
  4. Afterwards, there will be:
    . . . rehabilitation
    . . . more prescriptions to manage the side-effects
    . . .  more medical treatments
    . . . for the rest of their life.

The 3 responses to symptoms and disease are predictable

  1. Self-diagnosis and over-the counter drugs.
  2. Physician diagnosis, tests to confirm and a prescriptive drug.
  3. Specialist’ diagnosis
    . . . tests to confirm
    . . . stronger prescriptive drugs
    . . . and/or surgery
    . . . followed by more prescriptive drugs to manage the condition
    . . . and on-going tests to confirm.

You’re On the Medical Merry-Go-Round
. . . it’s expensive and frustrating

21st Century life is predictable.

  1. Bags, boxes and cans of heat and serve meals
    . . . with episodes of buy and eat fast food.
  2. Air and water pollution
    . . . with episodes of preservatives and other food chemicals.
  3. Sedentary lifestyle
    . . . with episodes of exercise.
  4. Stressful work
    . . . with episodes of alcohol and comfort food.
  5. Stressful home and family life
    . . . with episodes of vacation.
  6. Stressful finances
    . . . with episodes of consumption.
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What if that 21st Century Disease is caused by the 21st Century Life?

Of course, there are hundreds of medical diagnoses and recommendations – and associated billing codes – but they all boil down to these 3 conditions of health that are far easier to identify – and address.


People are healthy if …
their body fits their skin, they’re engaged and happy, sleeping, painless, stress-less, and regular.

Not Sick

People are not sick if …
they’re “soldiering-on”. If they say: “I’m not sick, but … .” or “If only I could … .” , they are just – not sick.


People are sick if …
they are taking drug-store medications, taking prescriptions, or being treated by a Physician.

A Natural Health Consultant helps people in 3 important ways:


Uncover the habits and patterns that produce symptoms and disease


Discover habits and patterns that produce health and healing


Practical, holistic methods and Natural Remedies to restore health

If you want more than a 10 minute chat, a prescription and a handshake
… a Natural Health Consultant, like Frank Lucas, PhD, NHC and the Radiant Health Club in Castle Rock, CO – is just what you’re looking for.

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