Why Choose a Natural Health Consultant?

Picture this:

  1. You’re feeling down. Your belly seems perpetually upset.
  2. Your nose is stuffed up and, to top it off, you’re not sleeping well.
  3. You head to your Doctor for — if you’re lucky — a 10-minute chat about what’s ailing you.
  4. Afterwards, the Doctor hands you a prescription, shakes your hand and shows you the door.

Has this “Here’s-a-prescription – see ya-later” encounter made you healthier?
In a word – no!

Holistic, Natural Medicine offers you . . .
a more comprehensive, more thoughtful,
personalized approach for your healthcare!

7 Reasons to Choose a Natural Health Consultant Using Natural Medicine

I believe Holistic, Natural Medicine is the most effective way to help my clients protect or improve their health – especially those with chronic health issues—here’s why:

A Natural Health Consultant uses natural medicine and holistic methods1. All about you – not an assembly-line.
2. Look for the cause.
3. Uses natural remedies, holistic methods and practical tactics.
4. Uses your body to heal itself.
5. True craft of Health Care.
6. Healer on a mission.
7. 1st visit is FREE.  » make your appointment »

Here are the Details About Holistic Natural Health Consulting:

1Natural Health Consulting and Coaching is all about you!

Think of it as the ultimate in personalized, one-on-one, therapeutic relationships to help you protect or improve your health. It’s a health-focused, client-centric partnership, in which the Natural Health Consultant and client work together to uncover the causes of the symptom, illness or disease.

I look beyond the laundry list of symptoms; I examine the client’s unique history, environment, lifestyle and underlying factors, and then develop a health-enhancing, usually drug-free plan to help restore the client to good health and put him or her on a life-long path of health and vitality.

2Natural Health Consulting and Coaching is not a conventional medicine.

Natural Health Consulting, Coaching involves time, care and patience.

I treat the person rather than the symptom(s) or disease. It’s not unusual to spend an hour or more with clients, listening to their histories, doing the detective work, asking questions, and examining the genetic, environmental, and lifestyle patterns that effect health. By addressing the underlying causes of the symptom(s), illness or disease, I am able to design unique, personalized healing plans for which Conventional Medicine literally doesn’t have the tools, training or the time.

3Natural Health and Consulting is not assembly-line medicine.

Our current health care system expects physicians to manage huge caseloads and keep people moving through the system as quickly as possible. It’s mass-produced, assembly line, quick-fix, put-a-band-aid-on-it medicine, with little hope of creating long-term health.

Conventional Medicine, to its credit,  is best at managing medical and surgical emergencies, medical crises, acute infections and trauma, but it falls short when it comes to protecting patient health or treating chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, gastrointestinal problems, chronic fatigue, autoimmune diseases, functional disorders, musculoskeletal problems and stress related disorders.

This is where Natural Health Consulting shines so brightly!

Unlike Conventional Medicine, Natural Health Consulting is a more comprehensive, thoughtful approach that seeks to restore the balance that produces true health using holistic methods, natural medicine and practical tactics rather than hiding the symptoms.

4Natural Health Consulting and Coaching offers the best of all worlds.

It is not an either/or system, but rather it’s a true combination of many different natural, alternative, and complementary therapies. It acknowledges the strengths of Conventional Medicine for acute and crisis-care, but also realizes that the Traditional Medicine approach does not have the tools for protecting health or preventing or treating chronic diseases.

A Natural Health Consultant is able to apply all the tools of healing—drawing from Western, Eastern, Alternative, Preventative and Integrative medical practices—to help the client stay or become healthy.

I’m giving them the tools to create sustainable wellness and vitality – the definition of True Health.  By pulling from all of these approaches and by paying special attention to diet, exercise, nutrition, supplementation, natural remedies and the workings of the mind, I’m not just giving clients a band aid.

5A Natural Health Consultant looks for the cause – not a symptom.

In Conventional Medicine, doctors try to make a diagnosis and then apply a medical treatment for particular symptoms.

As a Natural Health Consultant, Holistic Health Practitioner, I am more concerned with the underlying imbalances or dysfunctions that are the mechanisms of the symptom, illness or disease. I target the underlying mechanisms and ultimately look for the causes of those imbalances.

6A Natural Health Consultant and Coach is a healer on a mission.

I call myself an evangelist for health – because I am a healer on a mission. I strive to show people how to protect their health and the unhealthy how they can transform their health.

Of course, clients need to do their part – because I can’t do it for them – but I will work as a partner to help restore balance and true health to their lives. Participating in the process, the transition from illness or diseased to wellness, is one of the greatest joys for both my clients and me.

7Natural Health Consulting and Coaching is the true craft of Health Care.

Unlike the symptom and disease management model of Conventional Medicine, I have the knowledge to go beyond crisis care and offer clients a much better approach to their health.

certified Natural Health Consultant, Holistic Health Practitioner - Frank A. Lucas, PhD, I have more that 25 years experience with lifestyle medicine, nutrition, supplements, natural remedies, stress reduction and exercise to improve the function, structure and organs of the body as a means of preventing disease and creating vibrant, sustainable health.

I can help you protect or improve your health using one, several or all of these life-changing, life-enhancing, health-producing methods.

True Health is Not Just the Absence of Disease … It is Being Well in All Areas of HealthAt the Radiant Health Club
. . .  a conversation with a Natural Health Consultant can change your life!

We can help you release the healing powers within you
that produce a strong body, energized mind and vibrant spirit.

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