What’s the Difference Between Medications
and Holistic Treatments/Natural Remedies?

Webster’s defines a supplement:
“1. something that compensates for a deficiency or constitutes an addition;
2. something that completes or enhances something else when added to it”

Both prescription medications (including drug-store medicine) and Holistic Treatments/Natural Remedies are supplements – according to Webster’s definition, but the distinctions between medications and natural remedies/holistic supplements are worlds apart.

Medications are a reactive approach
. . . used by Physicians to address the symptoms of declining or failing health.

What is the difference between medical treatments and holistic treatments

Medications are chemical substances meant for use in the treatment or management of a disease or medical diagnosis.

They are intended to stop infections and manage symptoms of chronic diseases – but not curing these chronic issues.



Holistic Treatments with Natural Remedies are a proactive approach
. . . used by you for promoting and maintaining health.

Holistic natural treatments helps protect or improve health naturallyHolistic Dietary Supplements & Natural Remedies are natural substances (including food) meant to help the body protect, rebuild and heal itself.

They are intended for 3 purposes:
1.  Fill the gaps in the modern diet,
2.  Support the structures and functions of the body.
3.  Helps the body protect, rebuild & heal.


Holistic treatments and Holistic Doctor help you create natural health and healing

Write this Down So You’ll Remember

Holistic supplements do 3 things:

1.  Fill Gaps in Your Diet
2.  Support Structures & Functions of the Body
3.  Helps the Body Protect, Rebuild & Heal Itself!

Medicine Doesn’t!

Here’s the Bottom Line:

There’s a popular saying – ignorance is bliss.
It makes me shudder every time I hear it – because, it’s not true.

Sure, people are keeping up with hygiene:  taking showers, combing their hair, brushing their teeth, primping and polishing their bodies.  But somehow, over time, they’ve misplaced the fundamental rule for the care and maintenance of their bodies. (Or they didn’t know the rule in the 1st place.)

Every day, I see or speak to people who are paying the price when their health declines or starts to fail. They are either not feeling right, or they’re sick, and they can’t find anyone to tell them why. Or worse, they get bad advice!

Create a balance to produce health & healing using holistic treatment

Here’s the rule to help you stay or become healthy:
If you take care of your body – your body will take care of you.

Frank A. Lucas, PhD, cNHC, Holistic Health Practitioner, Castle Rock, ColoradoDr. Lucas’ single-minded mission is:
helping his clients build a life-long strategy
for keeping their bodies strong and working efficiently
which, in the final analysis
. . . is the bounty of true health.


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