How Life Gets In The Way of Living

One of the many “happy accidents” of offering a free initial consultation at the Radiant Health Club is the conversations I have during the consultation.

One of my new clients said: ”I’m not sure who 1st said it … “,
then shared this quote . . .

I thought I’d live forever
I just didn’t think forever would come this soon!

Then the client spoke about
… all of  the “priorities” that seem to control  life and all the decisions it takes to accommodate them.

living-life-600It made me think, too,
… about all the things that life demands – and how life gets in the way of living – so I charted it out.

While I’d rather be helping people stay as healthy as possible, what you need to know is:  the people who make an appointment with me, at the Radiant Health Club, are usually seeking a means to address some sort of declining or failing health.

  1. Often, it’s a moderate inconvenience like: indigestion, sore or cranky joints, hormone imbalances, stress, yeast and the like.
  2. Other times, it’s something more serious that’s diminishing the caller’s quality of life.
  3. Then, there’s the occasional call about a critical health issue – that has stolen the caller’s health and their quality of life.
  4. There’s always the surprise that it happened to them and the stories about the unexpected side effects, too.

There are demographics for the people, too.

  • 20+ – think they’re bullet proof
  • 30+ – moderate issues
  • 40+ – moderate to serious conditions
  • 50+ – serious to critical conditions
  • People who dodge the bullet

Depending on nature of the complaint, there is:

  1. Frustration with their complaints
  2. Disillusionment with their treatment(s)
  3. Feeling of abandonment
  4. Grief for the loss of their quality of life

The top 5 causes of death, classified as degenerative diseases, are:
Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer, Chronic Respiratory Disease, Diabetes.

Traditional Medicine proclaims that “If detected early – they are manageable.”

… which means your life will be prolonged, not necessarily improved.

All of the associations of these various afflictions proclaim that “They are preventable!”

… which means an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

How Can You Prevent Declining & Failing Health?
… by putting your priorities in balance.

You Can Do It – If You Know How!

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