What Do You Really Know
. . . About Staying Healthy?

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Holistic Health and Lifestyle Medicine is poised to help reverse the trend of living longer, spending more and suffering more – when your life span doesn’t match your health span.

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Do you know anyone . . .
. . . who dreams about spending all their waking hours dealing with health problems?

Creeping Normalcy
Why do so many people find themselves buried in the “tar pit” of nagging health problems, declining health, sickness and disease? Is it creeping normalcy – accepting these major negative changes – that happen slowly – in many unnoticed ways – which you don’t find too objectionable – until it’s a big problem?

False Confidence
Why are people spending big money on Traditional Health Care – frustrated and disappointed with the bargain and looking for better health care options? Is it false-confidence?

The Bottom Line

What Do You Really Know About Staying Healthy?

An introduction to holistic health and healing
written by Frank A. Lucas, PhD, NHC

. . . is a FREE Holistic Health & Natural Healing E-book that offers you a solution to the conundrum: How to Protect Your Most Valuable Asset Your Health.

Holistic health book - What do Your Really Know About Staying Health?

Traditional Medicine is
not alway the 
1st or best option!

Contrary to popular opinion, there are other, sometimes better options for protecting or improving your health.

This FREE e-book contains important information concerning you health and other health care options.

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